FBS MetaTrader 4 Trading Platform - Frequently Asked Questions

FBS MetaTrader 4 Trading Platform - Frequently Asked Questions

For how long can I keep my position open?

There are no limits on keeping your positions open, however, please, take into account that if you hold your positions overnight, “Swap” will be charged for each open order at 00:00 terminal time for the next day.

What can I do if there is an "Invalid account"error in the bottom right-hand corner of the program?

Please, make sure that you have entered all the login data correctly. Please, check that you do not enter any unnecessary symbols (e.g. extra gaps or spaces).

What is the time zone of MetaTrader?

MetaTrader time zone is Eastern European, i.e. GMT +2.

Where can I get MetaTrader 4 user guide?

The complete MetaTrader 4 user guide from the developer is available right in your trading terminal. To find it, please, choose “Help” -- “Help topics” in the menu of the program or press F1 key on your keyboard. Then choose the necessary paragraph or use the contextual menu search option to find the required information.

Can I use Trailing Stop when trading at FBS?

Yes, you can. To set Trailing Stop, right-click on the order in the “Trade” area below the chart, choose "Trailing Stop" in the contextual menu and then set the necessary level in pips.

“New order” button is inactive. What’s wrong?

It means that you have logged in MetaTrader 4 with your investor password. Please, try to log in again and enter your trading password this time.

What can I do if I think that my order was closed incorrectly?

You can send an official claim to [email protected] within two business days since the incident. A Client’s claim must contain:
1. your full name,
2. your account number,
3. date and time of the dispute situation,
4. number (ticker) of the dispute order,
5. claim description. The company considers a claim within a period of up to 10 business days. For more information on the procedure of consideration and settlement of claims, please, refer to p.8.1. of the Customer Agreement.

Where can I download MetaTrader 4?

The latest version of the trading platform can be downloaded from our website for the following devices:




How to connect to the trading terminal?

To log into the trading terminal, you need to enter the following data:
1. “Login” – your Trading Account Number,
2. “Password” – your Trading Password,
3. in “Server”, you need to choose FBS-Real for a real trading account or FBS-Demo for a demo account.

Why was my order closed, although I did not close it?

When current losses of all open orders on a trading account exceed the allowed limit, a Stop Out event occurs (see Stop Out), i.e. your margin level becomes less than 20%.
In this case, the server will close your orders automatically one by one with the comment “so:…./…/…”. Example: so: 11.3%/0.3/2.7 – the order was closed by stop out (where 11.3% is the margin level at the time of order closure, 0.3 – remaining funds at the time of order closure, 2.7 – margin) According to the Customer Agreement p.3.6.2.: The Company is entitled to mandatory closing of a Client’s open positions without prior notification of the latter one, if Margin level is lower than 20% of the necessary margin for maintaining open positions.

How can I view the complete account history?

1. Choose “Account history” tab at the bottom of the terminal
2. Right-click in the terminal window and choose “All history” You can also request your account history for any particular period.

How to see the full list of available symbols (trading tools)?

Right-click in the “Market Watch” window and choose “Show All” option in the opened menu.

How to change the language of my MetaTrader 4?

Please, choose menu “View” -- “Languages” -- your preferred language and click OK. After you restart the terminal, its language will be changed to the one you have chosen.

There is an error message in the chart window saying “Waiting for update”. What can I do?

You need to close all open charts in the program. Then right-click on the necessary trading instrument in the “Market Watch” window and choose “Chart Window”. Or, you can left-click on the necessary instrument and drag it to the chart area on the right without releasing the click.

What can I do to see both prices (Bid and Ask) on the chart?

Choose “Charts” -- “Properties” in the program menu or press F8 key on your keyboard. In the opened window choose tab “Common” and put a check for “Show Ask line” option. Then click OK.

Order execution is slow. What can I do?

It is most likely that the connection with the current server has slowed down. You will need to switch to a faster server. To do it, please, left-click in the bottom right-hand corner of the trading terminal and choose “Rescan servers”.

“Sell” and “Buy” buttons are inactive. Why?

It means that you have chosen an incorrect order volume for this account type. Please, check the your settings for order volume and compare them to the trading conditions stated on our website.

What can I do if there is a "No connection" error in the bottom right-hand corner of the program?

Try to log into MT4 again (click on "File" -- "Login") and this time fill in the third field of your terminal ("Server") with the following IP-address: for real account:, instead of "FBS-Real" for demo account:, instead of "FBS-Demo".

How to open / close an order (position)?

There are several ways to open a trading order:

1. Choose “Tools” -- “New order” in the program menu.
2. Double-click on the name of the trading instrument in the “Market Watch” window.
3. Click on the “New Order” button on the toolbar.
4. Press F9 key on the keyboard.
When opening a position, it is necessary to fill in the following fields:
Symbol – choose the instrument for trading.
Volume – set the volume of the order (number of lots).
Stop Loss – set the Stop Loss level (not obligatory). If it is 0.000, the order is considered not placed.
Take Profit – setting the Take Profit level is not an obligatory parameter either. If it is 0.000, the order is considered not placed Attention! If Stop Loss and Take Profit levels were set too close to the current price, you will see an error message: “Incorrect S/L or T/P”. You will need to move the levels farther from the current price and repeat the request. Pending order To open a pending order, please, press F9 key on your keyboard and in the “Type” menu choose “Pending order”. To close a position, please, right-click on the order in the “Trade” area below the chart and choose “Close order” in the menu. Another way to close an order is to double-click on it in the “Trade” area. Order with the set levels of Take Profit and/or Stop Loss will close automatically when the price reaches the chosen Take Profit or Stop Loss level. A Long position is closed at Bid price, a Short position – at Ask price.

The order was closed at Stop Loss level but there was no such price on the chart! What’s wrong?

Please, take into account the spread for each trading instrument and the principles of order execution when working in MetaTrader 4.
We kindly remind you that, according to international trading conditions on the Forex market, Sell order opens at Bid price, and the chart shows this price as well. Closure of a Sell order is performed at Ask price, which exceeds the Bid price by the spread.
According to the default settings of MetaTrader 4, only Bid price is shown on the chart, thus, if your Sell order is closed, you will need to add the spread of a trading instrument to the Bid price that you see on the chart. This way you will calculate the Ask price at which your order closed. For your own convenience, you can set your trading terminal to show Ask line (current Ask price) on the chart. (See What can I do to see both prices (Bid and Ask) on the chart?)

What price is shown on the chart in MetaTrader 4?

By default, only Bid price is reflected on the chart in MetaTrader 4.

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